Need to Stock Up on Frozen or Live Bait for Fishing?

Our local tackle shop in Tuckerton, NJ sells both

No matter what kind of fish you plan on catching, you'll need bait in order to do it. If you're looking for frozen or live bait for fishing in Tuckerton, NJ, come on down to Empire Fishing and Tackle LLC. Our shop carries a variety of bait options, including:


We also offer specialty seasonal bait, and we'll be happy to help you figure out what kind of bait you need. Visit our store today to check out our selection of live and frozen fishing bait for sale.

Reel in a big catch with quality bait

Reel in a big catch with quality bait

Whether you're planning to buy frozen or live bait for fishing, you'll be pleased to know that we offer products from the best local vendors in Tuckerton, NJ. Our bait is ideal for catching:

Sea bass
Striped bass

If you're looking for live or frozen fishing bait for sale, visit our shop to get some of the best products offered in the area. We also offer trolling weights, hooks, snaps, swivels and fluorocarbon lines. Call or email us today to inquire about specific brands or bait types.